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Inspire Results provides business coaching through proven strategies and frameworks to help business owners grow their people, profits and passion.

When you understand how to place the right people in the right roles who value the mission of your business or organization, you’ll be able to step out of the day-to-day tasks and start putting your energy and resources into your most profitable areas.

Inspire Results can help you gain a new perspective and take control of your business, improve operations and unlock your team and your business’s potential.

Stop working IN your business and start working ON it.

Our unique SERVANT method:

We know that running a business and managing a team doesn’t come with a book of instructions. That’s why we’ve adopted the SERVANT method that we use with each client to analyze strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities.

See how it’s working for our clients:

A lot of things have changed over the last three years. When we first met with Inspire Results, I was doing a lot of tasks throughout the business. I was doing purchasing, I was doing accounting, I was doing the actual physical work—issuing our POs, closing our books, and things of that nature. And then Roger came. One of the first things he did was delegate all of my duties to other people. We hired a purchasing agent, and freed up a lot of my time where I could work on the business instead of in it. He’s taught me how to act like an owner, act like a president, delegate my duties downward, and look at things with a different perspective to look at things going forward five years, instead of what’s going on today.


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