21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

A series of 21 Leadership training sessions for the small business owner, small business leadership teams, and professional leaders 

21 short learn-and-apply sessions   /  $90 per/session or less

Join a like-minded community of small business leaders to compare common issues around leading and influencing people.

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership training series with certified Business Coach Roger Engelau and his team of expert business coaches is highly visionary yet highly practical training customized to your company’s issues. It will give you immediately implementable lessons to strengthen your leadership skills. Based on John C. Maxwell’s proven leadership practices, this principle-based content has been adopted by the nation’s top and most successful leaders. You’ll walk away with practical tools that will increase your effectiveness and help you become a more productive, equipped, and inspiring leader.

Get the discounted price for registering early or a bigger discount for registering 3 or more members of your team.  Register 5 or more of your team members and get your own customized training series facilitated at your location. Select the option that best fits your organization. It”s only $90 per lesson and even less when you register more people.

Individual Training

Are you ready to maximize your influence as a leader? Through this series, you will learn the fundamental laws of leadership and how to apply them to your profession in a safe, confidential room with other company leaders led by certified Business Coach Roger Engelau. With a comprehensive handbook and ongoing personal development, you will gain a deeper understanding of the principles and behaviors of a great leader and discuss shared and tried experiences with other top executives.

Group Training: 3+ Leaders from Your Company

Is it time to increase your leadership team’s ability to lead and drive change within your company? With this experience, you will have the opportunity to study and learn leadership and growth principles that are the keys to success in driving momentum and positive influence. Join together with your team and other business leaders to learn from different vantage points and gain practical tools that will help you master the foundation of leadership.

Group Training: 5+ Leaders from Your Company facilitated at your location

Getting your group of leaders together to discuss leadership and growth principles without interruption is challenging. This is a great opportunity to set aside time to focus solely on the growth and development of your leaders instructed by certified Business Coach Roger Engleau. Experience one-on-one coaching with your team and learn how developing your people in this area can make a positive impact on your entire company.

Next class coming Fall of 2019

Held at various locations to accommodate participants.