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At Inspire Results, we believe business owners are the building blocks of strong communities. Communities that are home to superior schools, thriving churches, prolific arts, beautiful places to live, work, shop, and play—and where crime, poverty, and health problems are mended.

We’ve been dismayed by the struggle we see so many business owners go through, and we know how to help. Our deepest passion is to help business owners solve their challenges so they can create stronger businesses and, in turn, stronger communities for those who reside in them today and for all who will enjoy them in the future.

Roger Engelau

Roger Engelau, Owner, CEO, and Senior Business Coach

As a cadet at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Roger experienced many leadership styles. Thirty years later, he’s taken what he’s learned and created his own leadership beliefs – coupled with outstanding business expertise – to walk alongside business owners as a trusted advisor, guiding them to achieve breakthrough success.

Roger believes in and sees the greatness in every individual. His unique ability to increase business revenue, wealth and success by uncovering hidden assets, missed opportunities and unexplored possibilities has captured the attention and respect of CEOs across the country.

  • Turned three companies from certain failure to success
  • Facilitates Indiana’s premier CEO roundtable for manufacturing firms
  • Performed leadership ranks in the US Army
  • Created record-breaking sales at Clorox
  • Is a Six Sigma Black Belt

Roger previously worked at Procter & Gamble, Clorox, and has helped turn around several family-owned businesses. In 2000, he returned to Indianapolis working for a utility company, where he transformed the sales function and turned around their plumbing & equipment rental company.

He’s served various non-profit organizations, Indianapolis Economic Development, his community of Mooresville, and his church where he served as President. He does volunteer coaching for PlayBall Indiana, the Wellspring Center, and Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School. He spent years actively involved with Indianapolis Foster Care program. He’s married to Susie and they have 4 grown boys and 3 granddaughters. Roger enjoys golf, singing, mission work and traveling the world.

Susie Engelau

Susie Engelau, Owner, COO

With unparalleled expertise and several certifications in leadership, change management, and personality testing, Susie has an uncanny ability to produce positive, measurable results for business owners and executives while helping their teams accomplish challenging objectives or achieve more elegant outcomes. For 25 years, she has worked with teams to address challenges, remove barriers, deepen trust, and clarify expectations.

She’s worked with executive teams, middle management, sales, and operations teams in multiple industries including banking, mortgage, information services, security, government, and manufacturing, until starting her own teambuilding business, Hannah Team Dynamics, in 2006. In addition to positions as Executive Coach, Sales Coach, Training and Development Director, Facilitator, Training Designer, and Operations Manager she now focuses her significant experience helping people feel good about their work teams.

Susie earned her Myers-Briggs certification in 1996 and has helped hundreds of individuals and over 250 teams utilize the tool to better understand themselves and others. Susie has a Bachelor of Science from Indiana University and completed IU’s Executive Leadership Program, which she also helped to found. She has served as a board member at YMCA, Encore Vocal Arts as Board Chair, is active in the Indianapolis arts community, and volunteers in various community and church activities.

Linda Johnson

Natalie Menke, Business Coach

Born into a medium-sized, family-owned manufacturing business, eventually becoming President, Natalie has lived firsthand the struggles and successes companies face. This leadership experience combined with award-winning sales and sales management cultivated Natalie’s passion, and unique ability, for guiding business leaders to unparalleled success while living balanced, enriched lives.

Through 20 years of leadership, sales, engineering, and manufacturing, Natalie learned the many painful issues businesses endure. From lack of cash flow and sales to lack of the right talent and direction, she’s enabled success by helping business leaders clearly communicate their vision and goals so that the entire company works together to achieve them.

After graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Natalie went to work for one of the world’s largest engineering consulting firms. Her devotion to Midwest manufacturing plus being an avid user of Sandler sales systems led to 15 years of unparalleled sales and sales coaching results, leading sales teams to record-breaking results. Natalie’s also known for:

  • Expanding sales and new development through new markets and products
  • Managing cash flow, cash flow projection, improving profit and increasing the value of a company
  • Developing reward and profit-sharing programs for both sales and operations staff
  • Succession planning
  • Fearless selling

Natalie enjoys water skiing, running half-marathons, and training with her two Siberian Huskies. She spends time at Beth Moore Bible Studies, Women in Leadership, and singing in the praise band when she’s not Room Mom and party planner for Jaelyn, 14, Sam, 11, Logan, 8, and Emma 6. She’s married to John and when they find time, they enjoy relaxing at the lake.

Linda Johnson

Dr. Renée Kennedy-Edwards, Coaching Psychologist 

Dr. Renée Kennedy-Edwards is a coaching psychologist that optimizes business and human potential. She brings over 20 years experience coaching executives. Her business philosophy is based on people and behavior:  a successful business foundation includes engaged staff and leaders, efficient and straightforward processes, and a clear meaningful mission/vision.

With her expertise in psychology and human behavior, she is able to uncover the self-imposed barriers that people subconsciously set for themselves that may prohibit or slow down their progress. By getting to the root cause of client’s thoughts & behavior, she can assist the client into exchanging old habits for more effective strategies towards long-term success.

Dr. Kennedy’s personal philosophy is that success starts from within. Her coaching process is structured, direct, goal-centered and backed by scientific data. She utilizes emotional intelligence and strengths-based coaching to build up a person’s powerhouse: mental resiliency, motivation, communication, and focus.

Her psychological expertise carries through to organizational development and behavior within the business. Specialties include:  strategic development & planning, employee engagement, efficiency & sustainability measures, personalized goal-setting according to psychological strengths, retention, performance-based measures, emotional intelligence assessments, International organizations/systems, corporate social responsibility (CSR), 21st century leadership initiatives.

Dr. Kennedy is certified in corporate psychology, with a MS in educational psychology and a PhD in organizations & systems within an international psychology context.

Renée has traveled to India, Denmark, Bhutan and Costa Rica to research the sociocultural factors related to success and fulfillment. 

She strives to follow what she has studied by integrating a balanced life with her husband. When they aren’t working, they are hiking, biking, running or exploring new restaurants.

    Kena Butz, Sales & Operations Support Specialist

    An Operations and Administrative Professional with a Six Sigma green belt, Kena has an amazing way of seeing the bottomline, improving processes, and implementing solutions to the most complex of problems. Her substantial technical skills combined with over 20 years’ experience in customer service make her an indispensable member of the Inspire Results Business Coaching team.

    In addition to an Associates degree in Business Management, Kena brings a proficiency in the Microsoft product suite, including Publisher, Organization Chart, and Office 365, website maintenance, and QuickBooks.

    Kena’s process improvement accomplishments include:

    • Leading her company to Bronze certification with a 15% NOS assessment score improvement
    • Converting DAR spreadsheet processing to 100% paperless resulting in a savings of 15 hour per month
    • Taking nebulous special project requests and creating PowerPoint presentations for executive level meetings
    • Writing various professional documents such as training procedures and newsletters

    She’s brought her significant skills to bear in a broad array of industries including logistics, HR, insurance, and business coaching where Kena excels in predicting issues and needs and meeting them proactively.
    Kena’s married to Casey and when she’s not doing Mom-things, like PTO, she’s Mom and cabbie to Hunter, Keely, and their Chorkie, Jake. Kena enjoys taking Jake for walks, reading a good book, and game time with her family.

    What keeps you up at night as a business owner? Whatever it is, you're not alone.

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