Executive Presence for Small Business Leaders

How important is executive presence for small business leaders? Executive presence is about more than getting promoted to the next rung in the ladder of a large corporation. It’s also important if you have the top spot in your small business. Executive presence... Read »

The Benefits of the Introverted Business Leader

In a society where extraversion reigns, the introverted business leader can sometimes get the sense that we’re lacking in social and people skills. You or your team members may have a preference for an introverted way of interacting if, for example, Conversation... Read »

Google CEO: “Everybody needs a business coach”

In social settings, I get lots of practice explaining what I do because I get a blank stare if I just say, “I’m a business coach.”  Business coaching is just starting to catch on in the US and I don’t blame anyone for not knowing a lot it. So it’s a nice assist when... Read »

3 Tips For Keeping Good Employees

Our landscaper told me he doesn’t have trouble finding people to hire. The bigger problem is that new employees show up on the first day then never again. Or they work a week and then quit, or don’t show up on the date they agreed to start. He’s not alone—it’s a... Read »

How to develop your business’ values quickly

The notion of creating your values can get pretty conceptual for the practical-minded, time-harried business owner. I’d like to offer this step-by-step process First, if you’re wondering whether your business should operate by a set of values or not, read my earlier... Read »