Lessons in Business Leadership From a West Point Alum

Many know that West Point has produced some of the finest military leaders in U.S. history. But it might surprise you to know that many of the world’s most successful business leaders walked the halls of West Point, as well. West Point is consistently ranked as a top... Read »

What Your Employees Look For In Their Work

An experience common to most small business owners and most companies of any size is knowing how to keep employees engaged, happy, and on-board. You could chalk it up to the old generation gap, as business leaders have for decades. But I think it’s more about simply... Read »

Cash Flow Problems? Try These 5 Fixes

One of the most frequent questions business owners ask me is how to fix cash flow problems. To answer this, I asked myself what the biggest cash flow problems were that I used to experience in my own business. Then I listed the biggest cash flow problems I see with my... Read »

4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Cash Flow

In my early years of business ownership my cash flow was sporadic – even painful. I understand the pain of not knowing if you can pay all of this month’s bills. Nowadays I have a strong, steady cash flow. In my years of coaching business owners, I’ve coached many on... Read »

Creating a Cash Flow Budget

Not sure you’re going to make payroll? Have you had to postpone an important capital outlay? Need an equipment upgrade? Have you put personal cash into the business? Cash flow issues are among the most troubling issues for businesses of any size.  When sales and... Read »