Consider a New Approach to Problem-Solving

What if I told you that one of the greatest secrets to problem-solving is found in getting creative? Sounds like a platitude, doesn’t it? But as business owners, it’s easy to get quickly absorbed in the day-to-day because we’re so focused on thriving and surviving. We... Read »

4 Ways to Build a Great Company Culture

Ever look in the mirror and think you look one way, only to hear from a trusted friend or admirer that last night’s lack of sleep is as evident to everyone else as it is to you? Sometimes, we don’t always perceive our realities correctly. As a business owner, this can... Read »

3 Ways to Build a Great Team

For many of us, team building seems like it should be a simple process. We post a job description. We collect resumes. We schedule interviews. We find and hire the perfect candidate. In a perfect world, the hiring process would be this simple. But in reality, even... Read »

Strategic Planning Isn’t Supposed to be Complicated

Strategic planning sounds complex. When you think about creating a strategic plan for your business, most business owners have a few hesitations. What if it takes a lot of time to create? Is it expensive? Will I be able to reach real-world results? How can I stick to... Read »