Professionalizing the Family Business

Or “Why Winging It Won’t Work”  While I’ve headlined this article Professionalizing the Family Business, it’s applicable to any small business.   Do any of these conditions exist in your business… A casual attitude toward office or shopfloor processes... Read »

Unique Challenges of Family Business

And What to Do About Them Madeline and Michael are 2 of 3 siblings that own a local manufacturing company. They sought my help because they were unable to resolve a major disagreement… Madeline wanted to aggressively expand and Michael wanted to stay local and work on... Read »

A Vision for Small Business

Myth #1:  A vision for small business owners isn’t necessary… those are for big corporations. Besides, a vision for small business owners take too much time especially since they’re busy running every aspect of the company. Fact:  As a small business owner, you won’t... Read »

Aligning Your Personal and Business Vision

“Making sure your business will produce the personal outcomes you want”   You can make sure that the business you own will produce the personal outcomes you want.   Looking out 10, 15, and 20 years …   What kind of life do you want to be living? What... Read »

Enjoy Your Small Business Owner Role More In 2016

Do you dislike many of the tasks you find yourself doing in the role of the business owner?   Are you working 60 hours a week while profits stay relatively the same?   Has it been 2 or more years since you’ve had a true vacation?   You can create a more... Read »