Break Down Your Sales Goal

Success in business and in life is not about perfection. It’s about persistent, incremental progress. And so it is with your small business’ sales. The best thing you can do to insure steady sales and sales growth is to break down your sales goal into small steps.... Read »

Making a Sales Plan for Your Small Business

In our experience, small business leaders tend to take a passive approach to sales, meaning, they take whatever business comes their way instead of being deliberate about it. Making a sales plan for your small business quickly alleviates: Under-performing sales growth... Read »

How Does a Business Make Good Profit?

How does a business make good profit? When we read the book title “Good Profit” we asked ourselves, is there such a thing as bad profit? Then we read about concepts like:      • Empowering people enables them to generate more value      • Empower people by giving them... Read »

Lead by Asking Questions

As the owner of the business, do you find a lot of people coming to you for the answers? It can be overwhelming!  Instead of giving answers.  Lead by asking questions. Too many people in leadership roles think leadership is about telling people to do things. Lead by... Read »