4 Simple Steps for Training Employees to Be Powerful Producers

In a previous post, we talked about how many business owners struggle under massive workloads that prevent them from being as focused, clear, and effective as they could be.   The solution, of course, is delegation—handing over tasks that don’t cater directly to... Read »

How to STOP working too much for too little return

If you’re like a lot of the entrepreneurs I work with every single day, you struggle with delegation.   And there are plenty of reasons why. Maybe you believe you can do the work better or faster than your team members. Maybe you’re not sure who to trust with an... Read »

10 Cash Flow Strategies

After asking myself what the top 10 cash flow problems are that I used to experience in my own business or that I’ve seen in all the businesses I’ve coached, here are the ones I picked. These are 10 easy-to-implement, potent strategies to either reduce expense or... Read »

Steady and Strong Cash Flow

What would it mean to you to be confident that your cash flow was steady and strong? When I was in my early months of business ownership my cash flow was sporadic – that’s painful! Since then I’ve coached many business owners like you to strong, steady cash flow.... Read »