How to Hold People Accountable

Business owners commonly — and often correctly — feel as though they’re the hardest-working person in their business, leading them to wonder how to hold others accountable. You’re already on the right track if you’re looking for ways to hold people accountable.... Read »

How to Improve Cash Flow in Your Small Business

If your business is a body, cash is it’s blood. Just as cholesterol blocks healthy blood flow, slow invoicing, lack of regular financial reports, and other things we’ll discuss here, block healthy cash flow. The pandemic of 2020 showed a lot of us business owners how... Read »

Scaling Up with Verne Harnish to Increase Your Capacity

“I started my company at age 19. Though I hadn’t gone to college I read a lot of business-building books, blogs, and articles and as I hired people I read leadership and management content. In a few years I grew my manufacturing company to $14M on my own. By the... Read »

Beyond COVID19 the Focus Is Small Business Growth

If you’re like a lot of us business owners, the pandemic exposed some vulnerabilities: Overnight I couldn’t pay make payroll or rent Revenue took a nose dive and cash flow went out the window Or the opposite, increased demand for your product, but still,... Read »

Your Post COVID-19 Contingency Plan

Like Sept 11, 2001, the COVID-19 pandemic will be a pivotal event, changing the way we do things broadly and deeply. It’s too early to know how yet. And that’s what makes it difficult to plan. But plan we must. Every small business needs a “Post COVID-19 Contingency... Read »