7 Steps to Creating Optimally Profitable Customers

Are a majority of your customers as profitable to your business as they could be? Are you 100% certain that your business is delivering 100% of what your customers really want? Do you spend as much serving your “D” grade customers as you do your “A” customers? As a... Read »

Create an operating plan for your small business

We know that running a business isn’t easy. We’ve been there. One of the best things we ever did was to create an operating plan… one that insures that your daily and weekly decisions are on track with your long term goals. An operating plan for your small... Read »

Executive Presence for Small Business Leaders

How important is executive presence for small business leaders? Executive presence is about more than getting promoted to the next rung in the ladder of a large corporation. It’s also important if you have the top spot in your small business. Executive presence... Read »

The Case for a Simple, 1-Page Business Plan

If you’re like me, it’s hard to imagine taking time out from the day-to-day to think about where you want to be in the future – and then set goals to get there.[p] Long, drawn-out business plans that could fill a binder or a file folder are just not practical... Read »

Mid-Year Check-In: Are You Halfway To Reaching Your Annual Goals?

It’s that time of year again. The weather is heating up, kids are on summer break, and it’s time for a quick check-in on your annual goals.[p] We’re already halfway through 2016. When the year began, did you plan what you want your business to accomplish this year?... Read »