3 Ways to Build a Great Team

For many of us, team building seems like it should be a simple process. We post a job description. We collect resumes. We schedule interviews. We find and hire the perfect candidate. In a perfect world, the hiring process would be this simple. But in reality, even... Read »

Focus on your strengths to reach your full potential

You’ve probably taken a test or assessment that identified your strengths and weaknesses. Do you remember the first thing you did when you read the results? If you’re like most people, you probably jumped straight to the weaknesses and thought, “okay, what can I do... Read »

How to start a more productive day

It’s really difficult to manage your time. That’s something I hear often from my clients. It’s something you know you need to do better – but you don’t know how. You’ve tried making to-do lists, downloading productivity apps on your phone, maybe even different methods... Read »

Handing Down the Family Business: Embracing the Future

Usually when I talk with owners about the idea of passing down the family business, I’m met with several reactions. Uncertainty that the next generation can handle it. Apprehension that now isn’t the right time or the right situation. Fear that the business will fall... Read »