Small Business Accounting & Financials to Build Wealth

Difficulty covering payroll or making that high-efficiency equipment upgrade… Not sure which products or services are most profitable… or even what the overall company profitability is… Business tax burden seems high… How many small business owners think they’re... Read »

Cash Flow Problems? Try These 5 Fixes

One of the most frequent questions business owners ask me is how to fix cash flow problems. To answer this, I asked myself what the biggest cash flow problems were that I used to experience in my own business. Then I listed the biggest cash flow problems I see with my... Read »

4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Cash Flow

In my early years of business ownership my cash flow was sporadic – even painful. I understand the pain of not knowing if you can pay all of this month’s bills. Nowadays I have a strong, steady cash flow. In my years of coaching business owners, I’ve coached many on... Read »

Discounting’s Surprising Effect on Profitability

Improving Profitability —  1 Easy Way to Do It Quickly Afraid you’ll lose sales if you don’t discount? Is your top salesperson discounting too much? Discounting prices is a surprisingly common practice among our business coaching clients. Also surprising is the... Read »

Profitability and SEO–3 things you can do

I’m known for asking business owner clients, “Is that activity having a direct impact on profitability?”  SEO is one activity that has a direct and profound impact on your profitability. If you’ve been leaving SEO to the experts, or worse yet,... Read »