The Benefits of a Business Coach

Running a business is one of the hardest jobs there is. Personal life suffers and fear of failure is a constant presence. Business and the world are both too complex to think you can go it alone. Building a successful company takes a variety of knowledge, skills, and... Read »

How to find good people

How to find good people is a top concern for nearly all my clients. The solution doesn’t lie in how to find good people as much as it does in preparing your company for the workforce as it today vs how it used to be.  There’s a future workforce and we need to prepare... Read »

Rejecting Work/Life Balance and Comfort

I’ve proposed that we reject the pursuit of work-life balance in my last 2 blogs. Not only that, let’s also reject our pursuit of comfort. Are there evenings where you spend 4 hours in your recliner with popcorn and the remote?  Or surf the internet, play computer... Read »

Choosing Between Personal Life and Entrepreneurship

Not only is “work-life balance” bunk, being “off-balance” is the better goal. Instead of trying to achieve comfort, learning to live with discomfort should be our goal. We business owners tend to work some of the longest work weeks of anybody, especially here in the... Read »

Balance is Bunk: Ditching the Search for Work/Life Balance

It’s right up there with a good salary and benefits as the thing that most people—young people especially—are looking for most: work/life balance,wanting to “have it all.” It’s natural to want a professional life full of resounding accomplishments and a fulfilling... Read »

Finding Your Why from Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why”

We’ve been discussing “finding your WHY from Simon Sinek’s book “Start with Why.” If you know WHY you’re in business, you’ll inspire and attract others who share your WHY. You’ll have great customers and devoted employees, all inspired to take action... Read »