Online Marketing for Small Business – the Basics

How can small business owners stay on top of online marketing? After all, it takes a specialized knowledge and it’s constantly changing! And how do you make time for it? You’ve probably had some of these questions about online marketing for small business…. I wonder... Read »

Profitability and SEO–3 things you can do

I’m known for asking business owner clients, “Is that activity having a direct impact on profitability?”  SEO is one activity that has a direct and profound impact on your profitability. If you’ve been leaving SEO to the experts, or worse yet,... Read »

Three Characteristics of “Challenger” Salespeople

Wouldn’t it be great if you could bottle what the best sales reps do and feed it to your salesperson? I’ve seen more than a few changes in the sales world in 30 years of sales. But it’s tougher than ever now because the customers we’re seeing today are at once... Read »

4 Components of a Challenger Sale

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been reviewing The Challenger Sale—an innovative, and I think, ground-breaking approach to selling where you “challenge” and “shake up” your customers and prospects as you educate them about not only your products and services but... Read »

The Power of a Killer Guarantee

Do you have a killer guarantee in your company? One that stops your customers in their tracks with its power… even makes them feel a little foolish for NOT doing business with you? Sure, sure, I’ve heard all the arguments against guarantees:  It’s too risky!... Read »