Small Business Meeting Rhythms that Drive Profitability

As the business owner ✓ Do you make ad hoc decisions on-the-fly each day that have possible long-term impacts? ✓ Do employees come to you multiple times each day to find out what to do next? ✓ Are you the center of decision-making and problem-solving in your company?... Read »

Creating a Small Business Vision and Strategic Plan

Isn’t creating a small business vision and strategic plan unnecessary, better left to the large corporations? Are you 100% certain that your business will deliver 100% of your personal and family goals? Do all of your employees feel the same sense of accountability in... Read »

49 things to get right for success in your small business

As the owner of the business, how do you know you’re on top of every area in which your business needs to operate successfully? In the same way that certain parts are required to run all cars, certain parts are required to run all businesses. All cars have a frame,... Read »

Google CEO: “Everybody needs a business coach”

In social settings, I get lots of practice explaining what I do because I get a blank stare if I just say, “I’m a business coach.”  Business coaching is just starting to catch on in the US and I don’t blame anyone for not knowing a lot it. So it’s a nice assist when... Read »

How to develop your business’ values quickly

The notion of creating your values can get pretty conceptual for the practical-minded, time-harried business owner. I’d like to offer this step-by-step process First, if you’re wondering whether your business should operate by a set of values or not, read my earlier... Read »