Enjoy Your Small Business Owner Role More In 2016

Do you dislike many of the tasks you find yourself doing in the role of the business owner?   Are you working 60 hours a week while profits stay relatively the same?   Has it been 2 or more years since you’ve had a true vacation?   You can create a more... Read »

Small Business Planning Eliminates Pessimism

Don’t let pessimism keep your company from being all it can be.   Jared, one of the brothers in a fairly large, 100% family-owned manufacturing company came to me worried that the family business wouldn’t survive without expanding. His 3 brothers, uncle, and... Read »

A Small Business Plan Reveals Potential

What is your small business capable of?   In my experience, your small business is capable of way more than you’re producing.   You’ve tried to grow your business—several times, and it hasn’t worked out.  So many business owners become timid, “Small... Read »

DIY Strategic Planning for Small Business Owners

Strategic planning for small business doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need a multi-page document that you pay a consultant thousands of dollars and dozens of hours to create. Every small business owner should, and can, have a strategic plan all on 1 sheet of... Read »

Plan for Profit in 2016

Mark your calendars for this awesome event, business owners.   Not having a well-thought-out written plan for your business is the top reason businesses fail. Come to my 1-day Growth Plan Workshop and start 2016   You’re not alone if you own a business but... Read »

Setting goals for small business

Setting goals for small business owners…only 3-5% of people in the world earn considerable wealth. There’s one thing they do that sets them apart—they’re the same 3-5% who have written goals. Written goals for small business is a game-changer. Many business owners... Read »