Discounting’s Surprising Effect on Profitability

Improving Profitability —  1 Easy Way to Do It Quickly Afraid you’ll lose sales if you don’t discount? Is your top salesperson discounting too much? Discounting prices is a surprisingly common practice among our business coaching clients. Also surprising is the... Read »

Profitability and SEO–3 things you can do

I’m known for asking business owner clients, “Is that activity having a direct impact on profitability?”  SEO is one activity that has a direct and profound impact on your profitability. If you’ve been leaving SEO to the experts, or worse yet,... Read »

6 Staff-Related Cash Flow Ideas

When we think of cash flow, many business owners think of expense reduction and then they think of one of their biggest expenses—employee salaries—and begin to look for ways to reduce payroll expense. That can backfire on you. Here are ways to right-size employee... Read »

Cash Flow — Top 5 Cash Flow Mistakes

I asked myself what the top 5 cash flow problems are that I used to experience in my own business. Here’s what I came up with. These are the ones I had to solve in the early years of my own business and they’re also common ones I help my business coaching clients... Read »

Getting Consistent Positive Cash Flow

Have you had to postpone an important capital outlay? Need an equipment upgrade?  Not sure you’re going to make payroll? Cash flow problems cause bankruptcy. It’s the most troubling issue for business owners small and large.  When sales and revenue go down but... Read »

A Business Planning Fable: The Lumberjack Story

Why to take time out from the doing for business planning There was an old lumberjack known for his speed at cutting down trees. One day he was challenged by a younger, stronger lumberjack who knew he could beat the older guy in a head to head contest and earn glory... Read »