Testimonials (old)

“Thanks for the team meeting Tuesday. Interesting how you seemed to know exactly what the agenda should be; it was fitting for where we are at right now and was well received and appreciated by everyone in the company.”


Tom Quadrini
Owner, GMG Marketing



“We are getting things in order and people are taking charge of their positions in the company.”


Glynnis Huff
Co-owner, Wallace Construction



“I want to thank you both for your time and expertise today with the group. I thought it was fantastic and very beneficial to everyone. Thanks again for your support and insight… I truly think that it’s making a huge difference for our people.”


Jeff D Smith
Owner, Electro-Spec



“I’m looking through financials preparing for 2015 budget. We have year-to-date seen 40% growth over last year, almost 20% over 2014 plan and shown an 11% net!!!!!! Thank you SO much!! This is because of you and your help!!! We may meet our 2018 revenue goal this year!!”


Jod Woods
Owner/Partner, Economy Heating and Air



“Since working with Roger, we’ve hired new employees, acquired new service contracts, and we’re doing higher $ transactions.”


Jeff Woker
Owner, WowLinx



“The average net income for a mechanical company nationwide is 5 – 10%. We just ran our financials through the end of July and our profits are 18.2%.”


Dan Canter
Owner, Capital Mechanical Services



“Roger’s thorough analysis of our organization’s business practices and candid approach to addressing each inadequacy has transformed our agency from mediocrity to one of increasing excellence. Roger’s insights, tactics, and problem-solving ability are truly remarkable!”


Karen Burkley
Director, Wellspring Center



“Over the 6 months prior to working with Roger, our net income before taxes was —$23,000. After 6 months of working with Roger, our 6-month profit was $159,148, even after paying a bonus to our employees. Some of that was from new business but over $125,000 was directly attributable to Roger’s work with me–a nearly 400% return on my annual investment in coaching.”

Dave Cox