Success Club

Business doesn’t have to be lonely at the top. Get real-time, real-life, practical advice from those who have been in your shoes.

Success Club is an outstanding opportunity for business owners to participate in a small cohort together to discuss the unique challenges they face within their organizations. Led by business coach Roger Engelau, who has a proven track record of turning companies from certain failure to success, participants will receive unparalleled insight into the best ways to approach different aspects of their business. From managing cash flow and retaining employees, to learning to delegate effectively and creating profitable customers, no topics are off the table.

Roger’s unique ability to increase business revenue, wealth and success by uncovering hidden assets, missed opportunities and unexplored possibilities has captured the attention and respect of CEOs across the country, and his deepest passion lies in helping local business owners solve their challenges so they create stronger businesses and. in turn, stronger communities.

When you join Success Club, you’ll walk alongside business owners and get a trusted advisor who can guide you to achieve breakthrough success.

Upcoming 2019 Dates


All Success Club Meetings take place from 4:00 – 5:30 p.m. at Collective Alternative: 5665 N. Post Rd., Ste. 210, Indianapolis, IN 46216
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