Why John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership for Small Business Leaders?

August 9, 2018 | Roger and Susie Engelau

It’s been said that everything depends on leadership. That could not be more true than for small business leaders.

That’s because small business owners are the foundation of the company’s culture. They set the tone for everything.

We’ve worked with a lot of small business leaders and over the years we’ve gotten good at taking leadership ideas and customizing leadership for small business leaders. We find ourselves returning time and again to John Maxwell’s leadership for small business leaders.

Why leadership for small business leaders

Small business leaders typically achieved success by being good at doing the work of the business. Most of us started the company so we know all the details better than everyone else. Unfortunately, many small business leaders didn’t have time or resources for formal leadership development. Nor do they have a mentor since they’re in the top position of the company. If you’re not especially good at leading others to do the work, you can wind up with employees who are unengaged, uninspired, unmotivated, and quick to jump to the next company for a small pay increase.

Knowing all the details better than everyone else, it’s easy for small business leaders to fall into the trap of micromanagement. It’s understandable, since they probably did every job in the company and designed every work process.

It’s a challenge to lead others to do the work. But if you don’t lead others well, the growth of your company is limited pretty much to what you yourself can do.

The leadership bar has been raised

My generation put up with bad bosses but employees today don’t. Workers today expect good leadership and don’t put up with bad leadership. You’re simply not going to keep millennials engaged if you don’t lead them well. Attracting and keeping good employees depends on your ability and your leadership team’s ability to lead well.

Why John Maxwell’s 21 irrefutable laws of lLeadership for small business leaders

We’ve worked with the leadership teams of many small businesses to hone their leadership skills. Of all the great leadership information and thinkers out there, we like John Maxwell’s leadership for small business leaders for its guiding philosophies, usability, and the simplistic quick-to-grasp layout of his content. Pick up any of his over 70 books, and you probably have, and you’ll find them practical and enjoyable.

Caring more for others than for yourself

The guiding philosophy behind Maxwell’s work is about caring more for the individual than you do for yourself. You can hardly get leadership wrong if this core tenet drives your leadership behavior!

His advice reflects humility, serving others, being good, and doing good.

As the leader of a small business, you set the culture. Maxwell’s teaching provides you with a compass that can guide every decision and interaction so you can set the right culture, regardless of your leadership skill or experience.

Practical and usable content

While there are lofty concepts in the guiding philosophies (for good reason), they’re separate from the tips and tools which are practical, actionable, tangible things you can do right now.

Maxwell boils leadership down into the actions great leaders must take each day to show the way, get people to work together, and take decisive action to drive the business forward.

Prolific piece-of-cake publications

Maxwell books, podcasts, whitepapers, or blogposts are easy and quick to read or listen to with clear headings that give you a roadmap, clear-cut directions, and a summary. Plus, they’re full of interesting short stories. And there are a ton of these publications available.

From daily “Maxwell Moments” to free online events to a bi-monthly email series on facebook, there are countless simple, short and sweet content delivery methods to reinforce and sustain your learning and leadership development.

We worked directly with John Maxwell to become certified in his materials and we’ve customized them to small business leaders for our first-ever offering of leadership training targeted to small business leaders here in central Indiana. We’re pleased to invite you and your leaders to attend.


This is principle-based leadership training delivered in 90-minute learn-and-apply sessions to fit a busy small business leader’s schedule. It’s visionary yet practical leadership training designed to give immediately implementable practices to strengthen leadership. We’ll customize the lessons to the participants’ issues and to make it convenient, we’ll choose meeting locations in or near the participants’ locations.

I’ll facilitate the sessions along with my team of expert business coaches in Indianapolis, IN. We’ll meet the 1st and 3rd Mondays from 4:00-5:30 beginning Sept. 17. Our goal was to keep the price to under $100 per lesson. You can get a discount from that price for registering by Sept. 7 or a bigger discount for registering 3 or more from the same company. Register at www.InspireResults.com/product/12-irrefutable-laws-of-leadership or call me for more information.

Leadership for small business leaders is critically important in this tightening job market. We hope to help you set the right culture at your small business through your leadership and make it one of the top companies in central Indiana.